Thrive Teen Summit

The Music Store is sponsoring the workshop Find your balance through Music MakingĀ at the Clermont Thrive Teen Summit

Our workshop will focus on the making of music through songwriting as a tool for reaching a balanced and harmonious mind state. Music expression through sounds and lyrics have a powerful force to heal, relax and renew our senses. Participants will actively interact with music by producing it instead of just consuming it as listeners. They will create their own song utilizing free software accessible through their own cell phones. Through the performance of primal melodic music participants will write a song based on a simple melodic motif. We will use the recorder as a modern form of the ocarina; a five hole flute considered the first evidence of a musical instrument and writing your own songs is a skill that will provide a lifetime of enjoyment. At the end of the workshop they will create their Shirah or life song.

Join us musicking!