Adaptive Music Lessons for Children With Learning Disabilities

Music Lessons For All!

Education is not a privilige but a human right guaranteed legally for all without any discrimination. Every child has a right to master the core curriculum which includes arts and music education, (No Child Left Behind (NCLB). All children but even more poor students and those with physical and learning disabilities are being systematically denied the access for arts in schools and learning centers. We are obligated to stand up for children and to provde for their needs including their educational needs. In order to serve our community to provide music educational services for students with special needs. The Music Store in Clermont is offering Adaptive Music Lessons with competent teachers trained to modify music lessons and amterials to their Individualized Education Program (IEP). Music lessons can benefit students with difficulties on learning basic skills such as reading, writing, math or higher skills like organization, time planning, memory and attention.

Parents might have the additional benefit of having their musics lessons covered by their healthcare insurance as part of their rehabilitative service! Contact our music lessons coordinator Jennifer Jutt for more information about this and other services at 407-900-9492 / 352-243-5868 or visit us at 1596 S Grand Hwy, Clermont, Fl.