Can Music Lessons Make Your Toddler Smarter?




Let’s ignite with music their intellectual potential!

Parents usually think music for their toddlers is limited for entertainment. However, musical experiences in early stages can accelerate their brain development in the areas of language acquisition and reading skills, (the University of Southern California, The Brain and Creative Institute, 2016). Music helps the body and the mind work together. The very first benefit of music for your toddler is to encourage them moving, dancing and reacting physically to sound and rhythm. This might look simple; however it’s fundamental to your child’s physical and cognitive development. Music medicine professionals point out toddlers learn through movement while reproducing rhythm patterns or with the simple clapping or tapping percussive instruments.

Basic levels of cognitive learning from simple memorization of words could continue to more advanced skills while their brain develops. The appropriate goal-oriented set of musical activities prepared by a music clinician will ignite toddlers abilities to their fullest potential. Don’t miss that critical window of opportunity for your toddler’s intellectual development.



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